Edward J.Grey

To live a creative life we must lose the fear of being wrong

I'm Ed Davies.

I like Sushi, I have a good backhand, I try to cook curries, I love Sunday naps, I have a camper van with a toilet, I like travelling, I buy life improvement books, I support three football teams, I like taking photos, I have a receding hairline, my friends love Nandos, I want to retire early, I like to run, I was a naughty's indy boy, I play the guitar, I like simplicity, I love mussels & frites, I can't speak French, I believe everybody is creative, I like building things online, I'm an Instagram husband, I play the piano, I used to wear leopard print skinnies (those were the days), I watch dragons den, I like Scandanivor, I love the libertines, my dads an artist, I like nice people, I was in a band called Monty's Hill, I do yoga, I believe in hard work, I'm scared of theme parks and snakes, I've been to India, I snore (apparently), I have a terrible singing voice, I cried at an advert once, I dose off in cars, I know a load of magic tricks, I love spring, I have a party trick (has to be seen), I have a lanky frame, I'm a project & product manager, I design things, I build things online, I like making things better, I'm from Canterbury, I live in London.

And the cat is mine. Her name is Lola.

digital project manager at axis12

I have delivered

Personal projects

When I have time I build websites for people or make random things online. An idea will pay the bills one day soon.